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We have removed this demo as we feel that it no longer represents the quality of the final game. When we launch TAW we will release a new, shiny, updated demo so you can decide if you wish to purchase the full game. Thanks for your support!

Note: This is a DEMO of an in-progress game that will be released when it's finished. This demo includes four overworld islands to explore, caves, temples, hidden secrets, side quests and a major boss fight. You can support development by pre-ordering the game through Humble Bundle. Thanks!

Treasure Adventure World (TAW) is a huge open-world side-scrolling platform adventure game inspired by games like Legend of Zelda, Castlevania SOTN and Super Metroid. The premise is simple: Sail the world, searching for ancient artefacts that were once powerful weapons used to fight an evil demon. Upgrade your sail-boat and find gear to enhance your treasure-hunting and fighting potential. Along the way, discover clues to your forgotten past and uncover the mysterious origins of the archipelagic world you live on.

TAW began with a desire to create a fully-realized, playful world - filled with mysterious creatures and hidden treasures, harkening back to the games of the 16-bit era. Our studio, Robit Games, has teamed up with Chucklefish to provide marketing, press, and guidance while retaining 100% control of their game. TAW has been funded through a pre-order campaign, family support and by working day-jobs/contract work.

Features (of the final version)

  • Epic open-world puzzle-platform gameplay
  • Intriguing story unfolds as you progress - charming NPCs, mysterious other-worldy beings, and multiple endings
  • Over 100 items to find and collect including a sail boat
  • Day/night and weather system which changes the gameplay and affects some puzzles
  • Colorful HD hand-drawn graphics by Christine Crossley
  • Full-length original soundtrack and audio by Robert Ellis
  • Dozens of enemy types and 8 bosses
  • Gobs of hidden secrets, Easter-eggs and cameos from other indie-games


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